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Worms #4

Worms is a publisher and biannual literary style magazine that celebrates female and non-binary writer culture.


‘If you’re reading this, you are a worm. We’re all worms, and in the end, we’re going to be eaten by them. As a (book)worm, you will fertilize your mind with glorious words…’


Founded in 2019 by Clem Macleod during her degree at Central Saint Martins, Worms began with a mad, spiralling obsession with the late Kathy Acker. With a little bit of digging, Worms #1 (The Inaugural Issue) brought the female writers exploring identity politics to the topsoil - Chris Kraus, Natasha Stagg, Stephanie LaCava and Fiona Alison Duncan among them. 


‘The magazine centers on the themes these writers focus on — style, art, philosophy/theory, gender, politics/capitalism, contemporary culture, and social commentary.’ 


Worms Publishing works across form and genre to bring experimental writers to the literary topsoil. Working outside of conventional publishing, Worms endeavours to support and cultivate underrepresented voices with a focus on female and non-binary authors and artists.


  • Dimensions: 180 x 270 mm

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