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illustrated book cover as a map
  • The Art of Cartographics: Designing the Modern Map

    The map reimagined: this stunning volume gathers the most beautiful, inspirational, and creatively designed maps from around the world.


    Cartographics is a stunning collection of maps designed in a unique way. 

    Showcasing hand-drawn, painted, digital, 3D-sculpted, and folded maps, this unique collection celebrates the modern map, in all imaginable forms. The Art of Cartography invites readers on a journey across the globe—and beyond—through geographical maps, fictional maps, and innovative cultural, economic, and political maps. Charting themes that range from power, gentrification, and literature to animals, plants and food, they offer a slice of social history that is as striking as it is fascinating.


    This carefully curated book selects the most creative and interesting map design projects from around the world, and offers inspiration for designers and map-lovers alike.


    • Publisher - Welbeck

      Hardcover, 256 pages

      Language - English

      30.23 x 23.11 x 2.54 cm



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