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Stanley Kubrick book cover
  • Stanley Kubrick Photographs - Through a Different Lens

    Before becoming the critically acclaimed filmmaker responsible for iconic films such as Dr. Strangelove, The Shining and 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick spent his formative years as a photographer for Look magazine documenting his native New York City.


    Through a Different Lens reveals the keen and evocative vision of a burgeoning creative genius in a range of feature stories and images, from everyday folk at the laundromat to a day in the life of a debutant, from a trip to the circus to Columbia University. Featuring around 300 images, many previously unseen, as well as rare Look magazine tear sheets and includes an introduction by noted photography critic Luc Sante.


    These still photographs attest to Kubrick’s innate talent for compelling storytelling, and serve as clear indicators of how this genius would soon transition to making some of the greatest movies of all time.


    This book is a must have for any film and/or photography fan!


    • Publisher - Taschen

      Hardcover, 328 pages

      Language - Multilingual

      27.43 x 3.3 x 33.53 cm



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