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Photo exibition by Goran Načinović - "Desert Anthems: A Solitary Symphony"

Desert, textures, cactii, stunning landscapes and so much more! Join us for an unforgettable visual journey that celebrates the power of photography and the power of nature. Why not turn the heat up a little bit more :)

Photo exibition by Goran Načinović - "Desert Anthems: A Solitary Symphony"
Photo exibition by Goran Načinović - "Desert Anthems: A Solitary Symphony"

Time & Location

Jul 23, 2023, 9:00 PM – Jul 29, 2023, 1:00 PM

Koridor Gallery, Zelenice ul. 7, 52220, Labin, Croatia

About The Event


"Desert Anthems: A Solitary Symphony"

This captivating photo exhibition transports you to the vast deserts of California, Arizona, and Nevada, in locations where time stands still amidst endless landscapes and ethereal light. Each photograph captures the enigmatic beauty of arid terrains, evoking a sense of tranquility and introspection. Shifting sands, towering rock formations and the shy appearance of desert flora represent the most common motifs in the photographs.

In his exhibition, we can see two directions - from calm tones of untouched nature to more vivid colors of human intervention in the landscape.

Through a series of photographs, Goran captures the piercing feeling of solitude, inviting the observer to get caught in the world where nature erases human presence.

"Desert Anthems: A Solitary Symphony" is the author’s first solo exhibition. 


Goran Načinović (1986) is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer from Labin, Croatia.  His work has been screened at numerous film festivals across the world, winning multiple prestigious prizes along the way. His love for photography was always present and his more serious journey started in 2008.

 As a photographer, he has had several collaborative and group exhibitions. After a while, he transitions to film, where he focuses on commercial storytelling and documentary work. In 2020 he relocated to the USA, continuing his film and photography journey.

Goran's Instagram profile


We start at 9 PM so be on time.

Gallery working hours: Mon - Fri   9-12h, 18-21h

                                               Saturday 10-13h

Photos are available to buy, just tell us what you like.

Please don't put your drinks on our magazines and books, we care a lot about them.

Small parking space is right in front of the gallery and it is free.

Another big parking ( also free ) is just 100m away.

See you there!

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